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Outdoor Advertising has taken its rightful place as a leading media choice in Africa. More and more, top international brands have included outdoor advertising in their brand-building activities. The effectiveness of this medium in Africa has evolved from a combination of unreliable and unlimited electronic media (television and radio), poor electricity services, limited print options, low literacy rates and the ability of outdoor to be used effectively as a standalone medium or in conjunction with other media options.The remoteness of many target markets and high literacy are just some factors contributing to the rising importance of outdoor advertising in Africa.

Signage is the oldest advertising medium in the world and Outdoor Advertising conveys a message or brand across to the masses or a specific market segment using creative, visual applications. These displays come in a variety of formats. It is the most accessible medium to the public and it is delivered at no cost to the consumer. It can be used as a broad cast or narrow cast medium, delivering high frequency communication at a low cost per contact.The variety of outdoor media products offered by Global Outdoor Systems ensures that the appropriate media format is used to reach the targeted income and consumer groups.



  • Accountable
  • Enhances other Media Channels
  • 24hr Exposure
  • Target Market
  • Campaigns get longer exposure
  • No cost to the consumers 

About us

Global Outdoor Systems is a media owner that has registered top quality Billboards throughout Africa. Global was established in 2000 and has fully established operations in Cameroon, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania. Our offices deliver to neighbouring countries, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, and Gambia. Global is affiliated with Angola and DRC, South Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Further expansion is on  track throughout the remainder of Africa.
Passionately partnering with businesses to build brands successfully by putting them infront of the right people, at the right place, at the right time!

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  • Trusted Experts
  • Partners to 21 of the Top 25 ”Most Admired Brands in Africa”.
  • Our Sites Are Legal
    Your brands reputation is protected by our ethical compliance to fast-changing local regulatory requirements.
  • Local Offices and Market Knowledge
    Experienced senior local and international sales team knows how to reach your customers.
  • Well-Engineered Structures
    Minimised campaign down-time in harsh local weather conditions.
  • Hands-On Operational Team
    Campaigns flighted every time.
  • “Live” Photo Reports
    Digitally dated photos prove that your boards are flighted and working your brand.
  • Pan-African Network
    Collaborated approach to flighting countrywide or Pan-African campaigns.
  • On-going Client Service
    You’re always kept up to date on availability of other suitable sites and given first option to renew your existing sites.
  • Wide Range of Media Options and Sizes
    In excess of 6000 Billboards that are of the highest quality.
  • Largest Banking Organisation in South Africa
    RMB Corvest majority shareholder of Global.
  • ODEX V3 Database
    Asset Management Tool.

Our Products

"In the highly competitive outdoor advertising environment in Africa, it is essential that our clients’ brands stand out above the clutter. "


Our billboards are manufactured to the finest specifications.  It is our attention to detail, together with the best engineering and back-up support that enables us to commit to such high standards. To this end, regular photo checks for client records and on-going after sales service are examples of the steps we take to ensure that Global Outdoor Systems is associated with "only the best billboards in Africa." The billboards are easily recognisable by the consistent use of the corporate green, Global branding panels and the numbering system. The choice of this colour was not random, in most countries it merged with the surrounding thus enhancing the visibility of your brand. Three critical elements maximise the desired outdoor media results: manufacturing, engineering and maintenance. The structures are made either on location or in South Africa. They are manufactured to exacting standards and specifications and are erected and maintained by fully trained and equipped Global Outdoor Systems contractors and staff. These technicians make sure that our clients’ advertising displays are kept in perfect condition. All foundations are thrown with reinforced concrete to the same exacting standards to ensure that the structures withstand the harsh elements of Africa. Global Outdoor Systems can deliver the highest quality graphics for the visual faces, befitting the brand image of our advertisers. Advertising material is supplied on self-adhesive vinyl or on Flexface®, using state-of-the-art digital printing.

Airport Advertising is an important element of many Outdoor Advertising campaigns. Global Outdoor Systems offers a number of formats indoor and outdoor in a number of key Airports in Africa and have secured advertising rights at the following Airports:-



Antonio Agostinho Neto International Airport - Pointe Noire

Maya Maya International Airport - Brazzaville

Oyo Ollombo International Airport – Ollombo

Guinea, Conakry

G’Bessia Conakry International Airport – Conakry

Ivory Coast

Felix Houphouet Boigny International Airport – Abidjan

Regional domestics Airports:  San Pédro Airport, Bouaké Airport, Korhogo Airport


Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA 2) - Lagos



Douala International Airport 

Democratic Republic of Congo

Kinshasa International Airport


Julius Nyerere International Airport - Dar es Salaam

Due to our commitment to the environment we have looked at various ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. One of these possibilities was to use alternate energy sources to illuminate our billboards. There are numerous energy sources but the one which is most accessible in Africa is the energy obtained from the sun otherwise known as Solar Energy. To date we have converted a number of our Super signs to Solar, thus ensuring that our customers are not at the mercy of local power outages. While at the same time ensuring that we are all contributing to the sustainability of our environment!

Global’s latest addition to our portfolio is Digital Billboards, made from the highest quality elements and technology design which makes it so unique, it is the ultimate in reliability. This cutting edge technology has taken advertising to a new level with full-colour hi-resolution. You can see the light from several hundred metres in day and much longer at night. Our pilot project was implemented in Cameroon which proved to be highly successful.  Since then we have implemented the project in Nigeria and plan to roll out this system into the rest of our markets. This digital solution will enable advertisers to innovate their themes and messages, and is clearly the future of outdoor advertising.



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